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“Very Professional. Very highly recommended.”

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    Bangalore, India
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    Enterprise SaaS
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    10 - 20

The League

What if Instagram meets enterprise. What if we give a safe space for the employees to connect with colleagues & capture the culture of the company? That is ‘THE LEAGUE’ - Android and iOS apps.

League Social
League Social
Screenshots of league app.

This is a turnkey project and our involvement started right from need identification, user research, design, development and go-to-market activities. Our user is a millennial working in a large MNC or a top tech company. Has an active social life and is active on social media. Loves connecting with people and capturing moments. Extrovert. In accordance with the persona we had designed and developed a colorful, bubbly and a bright product, that our users fell in love with.

NeetPrep Edtech
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“They are helping us build technologies and products which are crucial for our 10x scale.”

Lead Generation & automatic lead scoring through whatsapp. Lead forms are so 2000’s ..

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